Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big, fat, juicy news

Remember about this time, last year, I made some calculations? From the 600,000 in Seattle I calculated a handful of women in my dating pool. Not too much longer after that post went live I met one of those women. Technically, I met her nearly a half year earlier. But, in the 9-10 months following that post, [warning, hokey love simile coming] just like the spring, would blossom into something brighter and more rich and beautiful than I could have even begun to imagine.

So, here I am, ending January 2010, finishing my Terrible SPER Rotation of the Miseries and the NoWeekendNoSleep Achies finding myself lifted up by something amazing that happened.

I got engaged.

Now, I see you scratching your heads. I am a woman. And, I am engaged to a woman. And some people don't know how to react to that. Some pointers: engagement usually implies marriage. So, yes, we are getting married. No, it is not legal in WA (but it's pretty darn close). It is legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire and Vermont. Many other countries as well -- e.g. Canada, which is a mere 123 miles from my front door here in Tacoma.

Who asked Who? It was a mutual agreement. We had been talking about it for a few months. The time seemed right. For the record, we both did ask each other. But we did it giggling with happiness, the answer known, since we had already purchased our rings a few hours earlier.

Other frequently asked questions have been, "When is the wedding?" Or, "Where will it be?" And, most importantly, "Will I be invited?" The answer to these questions will be coming soon-ish. Just know that the guesstimate place will be here-ish and the guesstimate time will be end of August 2011. But don't hold us to it!

There were other things that happened this month worth talking about. There was good, bad, ugly. I bruised my knees intubating ferrets. I sewed up the face of a boy mauled by a border collie. I delivered babies (ho-hum, what's new?). I got rained out of my board meeting for GLMA in Phoenix and learned to play the 1812 Overture. But, out of all of it, The Engagement trumps all!

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Congratulations! That's so exciting...

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